GENXTBT through its partners and alliances will bring you Virtual Sourcing Solutions.

We will source you a dedicated virtual employee to meet to your book keeping, accounting and advance accounting skills. We could take this a step further by setting up a dedicated virtual back office to meet your business growth aspirations.

Our process driven services are structured on a framework of conventional accounting principles together with a skillful combination of modern technology. And so, we provide a gamut of Finance and Accounting services to address all your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. " If you are an accounting firm with more work than what you can handle or need staffing to grow your business we would love to talk to you" 

We help clients focus on vital business activities by understanding the dynamics of the client business environment and effectively streamlining and accentuating the entire finance and accounting process, whether it is a sector/module or the entire process in its own.

We offer you the following skill sets through our partnerships:

                                Bookkeeping and Accounting Support


                                 Web and app development

                                 Data and analytics

                                  CRM, data entry and lead generation

                                   Digital Marketing and SEO


                                    Call Centre 24/7

We Partner

Virtual Sourcing Solutions

GENXTBT through it's partners, alliances  and consultants can offer a number of  virtual sourcing models for accounting, book keeping  back office process solutions . Find out how we can jointly help you and your business today!