"Passionate about solving Business problems using next-Generation Technology systems, Processes, and People sourcing. We help businesses to survive and grow".

“It is about intelligent sourcing and embracing technology”

We strategize, setup, and implement systems for your business to run smoothly with least resistance flow.

Compound time savings. by embracing power of a good CRM system such as Insightly or a workflow tools such as  Power Diary, Panda Doc, SmartSheet, We can optimise and Implement these tools for you. We have the expertise to setup your accounting system in cloud with XERO, MYOB or Quickbooks

“We believe in organised chaos ” to help you build structure and process for you to innovate and grow.

We link an  application to a process to improve productivity by reducing the time you double handle the work.

We create checklists and process maps  and other knowledge management tools so your Business is ready for Business growth with a repeatable process in place.

Our Approach

We will look at your organisation's Systems, Processes and People to effectively combine these elements towards your success. Yes, that is your entire value chain. We focus in helping you get more business through the door and deliver on your promises. GENXTBT and its partners will offer you the opportunity to choose cost effective solutions that will go a long way for customers to build a scalable business.  We can play an important role in your venture acceleration to help you grow fast.

We have access to professional staffing in Sri Lanka for cost effective business growth, managed by our Australian team. 

We give access to world-class capabilities and improve operational performance to overcome talent shortages for you to focus on your core  functions and deliver exceptional results for your clients. This improved  service enables you to delight your clients and your business will grow  without the risks of hiring, and managing  permanent staff for none core functions.