Every small to medium business needs someone to manage their bookkeeping, accounting, general administration such as answering phone & diary management. They will also need a reliable technology platform to operate. This is where GENXTBT can help.

"Cost effective scalable office solutions for the small and medium businesses"

" We want to be in the forefront of building a bigger cost effective streamlined business"

"It is  about intelligent sourcing and embracing technology"

We want to reduce cost of doing business and build a larger business around you. We believe your valuable time should not be tied up with basic house keeping such as bookkeeping, accounting & general office administration.  We are here to help you and your core staff to free up limited time to create more value/hour. We want you to focus on what adds more value to your business and what you most enjoy.

  About Us


" If you are an accounting firm with more work than what you can handle or need staffing to grow your business we would love to talk to you"

" If you  or your clients are hamstrung by a less than optimal HR systems or spend too much time with HR administration we would love to talk to you"

Our Solutions

We will look after your accounting, human resource & general office administration needs from a both systems and peoples perspective. Yes, that is your entire back office whilst you focus in getting more business through the door. GENXTBT and its partners will offer our customers opportunity to pick and choose cost effective solutions, both process and technical. These solutions will go a long way for customers to build a scalable business.